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Mod check!

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2010.10.13 at 19:45
Mood: curiouscurious
Hmmm. No one drabbles anymore, do they? I need to start doing that again!

Let's have a new challenge: If I Could Be Any Where.

Ready.... Set.... GO!

disney: cinderella dress

Worth It/ Promises, Promises

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2009.04.16 at 12:57
Mood: busybusy
Tags: , , ,
Title: Worth It
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley
Rating: PG
Challenge(s): Sneaking Out
Word count: 100
Author's notes: also posted at slytherin100 for their "Late" challenge

Ginny snuck out of the Room of Requirement, 30 minutes later than she had planned.

She crept through the castle, edging her way through the shadows, down to where the Slytherin House was, to where Draco would be impatiently waiting.

Seeing him had always been difficult, but it was even harder now. With Snape as the Headmaster, her every move was watched.

Ginny could see Draco's dark shadow ahead, and she instantly knew she'd risk any punishment for him.

"Did you miss me?" she whispered.

He turned quickly, observing her with narrowed silver eyes.

She loved him, imperfections and all.

Title: Promises, Promises
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley
Rating: PG
Challenge(s): Sneaking Out
Word count: 100
Author's notes: also posted at slytherin100 for their "late" challenge

"You're late," Draco's low voice came out of the dungeon shadows.

"You try sneaking out of the Room of Requirement when about 35 people are living there," Ginny snapped.

He tugged her into the shadows and kissed her. "Im tired of sneaking around. I want to leave school and go where it's just me and you. Where we can be safe."

"Where would that be?"

"Anywhere but here." Draco's voice was so low she could barely hear him.

"We can't leave our families..."

"We could start our own..."

"When the war ends?"

"Or before, if I graduate first."



disney: cinderella dress


Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2009.04.16 at 18:03
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
I'm posting a new challenge, but if anyone is suddenly inspired by the last challenge, feel free to drabble about that!

The new challenge is Sneaking Around.

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when the parents found out

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2009.04.16 at 02:22
Current Location: my bed!
Mood: awakeawake
Tags: , ,
title: When The Parents Found Out
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy
A/N: My first line is very obviously stolen from the Goo Goo Doll's song Slide

"What you feel is what you are," Draco whispered in her ear. "And what you are is beautiful."

Ginny couldn't help the smile that reached her lips. "Thanks, but that's not really how I feel."

"Don't worry about them." His mouth curled into a sneer.

"They're my parents! My Da actually hit a wall! And mum threatened to disown me!"

"But we knew no one would accept us." His voice was uncharacteristically gentle. "All I can give you right now are my words. They're true. I love you."

Even though no one else would, Ginny believed him.

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Tattoo/ First Time

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2009.04.14 at 18:38
Mood: creativecreative
Tags: , ,
Title: Tattoo
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy

"What is that?" Draco demanded, drawing a finger down GInny's bare spine.

"A tattoo."

"Obviously," he scowled. "But why?"

"It's temporary," she giggled, rolling over to face him. "Do you really think I'd get that on my back?"

"I kind of like it. Maybe you should make it permanent." He scooted around her and began to kiss her back.

"Yes," she laughed, squirming gently under his touch. "I'm sure no one will notice a huge tattoo on my lower back!"

Draco didn't respond, but he liked the idea of his name in script on his girlfriend's back. It was sexy.

Title: First Time
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy

Draco chewed on the end of his quill, lost in thought. When he realized what he was doing, he slammed the quill to the table, spit out a few stray feathers and frowned.

Who would have thought signing a birthday card would be so hard?

But this wasn't any birthday card, it was for his girlfriend. Five happy months and then her birthday to confuse him, make him examine his feelings!

He shuddered.

He took a deep breath, let it out, then picked up his quill and dipped it in the ink.

Happy birthday, Ginny. I love you. Love, Draco

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Posted by moltobene1925 on 2008.08.08 at 12:29
New Challenge:

Yeah, it's been forever.

So, if anyone feels up to it words would be the prompt for this week, or two...

Have at it!


Posted by marmaladespoons on 2008.02.16 at 01:21
Current Location: Bed, strangely
Mood: energeticenergetic

Title: Fuss-Budget
Author: Spoons are for Marmalade Skies
Word count: 100
Characters/pairings: Draco/Ginny, Blaise
Challenge: Cake
Author’s Notes: Because it’s Valentine’s week… I was excited to find this community, it looks like it’s got some solid writing on it! Can’t wait to throw another log on the fire.


Draco usually managed to hide it, but he was an incorrigible fuss-budget. And much as Blaise liked Draco’s girlfriend, she only made things worse.

Ginny had a mind of her own; enough for hours of fretting, of will-she won’t-she and Merlin-save-us-she-did. She also had six brothers. Blaise had a lot of sympathy about this, until Draco missed Valentine’s Day and insisted that for Ginny to forgive him, Blaise had to bake a cake for Ron’s girlfriend, who was missing out on St Patrick’s Day now that Ron was trying to find and kill Draco.

That was when Blaise stopped caring.

Title: Reformed Slytherins Don't Like Cake
Author: herald_mage
Word Count: 100.
Characters/pairings: Draco/Ginny.
Challenge: Cake
Author’s Note: Blaise is driven batty by too much cake; Millicent just wants to eat.

"You know," Blaise remarked to Millicent, "I'm getting awfully tired of wedding cake. I mean, first there was Daphne and that Hufflepuff, then Daph and Theo, then Draco."
"Mnph mrumph," said Millicent.
"And then there was Potter's huge gala," Blaise ranted on, "and Longbottom's, and all those Gryffindor events which we have to attend because we're reformed."
He sneered, "Just because I'm reformed, does not mean I enjoy eating this fluffy white mess."
"I like this fluffy white mess," said Ginny from behind him, "and if you like your skin, you'd better turn around and wish Draco and me well."

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Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2008.01.04 at 13:29
Mood: mellowmellow
Title: Intended
Rating: PG
Pair: Ginny/ Draco
Challenge: Intentions

At first, all Ginny wanted to do was rebel. To be with someone as different from Harry as possible. What better choice than his enemy?

Then came to attachments. He didn’t want her to go home for the holidays – too dangerous. She didn’t want him to be like his father – too horrible to bear.

When they were discovered, she hadn’t planned on defending him to her family and friends. But when she heard his “Stop talking about my girlfriend before I blast your bits off” she knew she was in love.

It was more than she had bargained for – or intended.



Posted by wicked_g on 2007.12.02 at 14:07
Mood: cynicalcynical
Music: If The Rain Must Fall : James Morrison
Title: No Title
Ginny, Draco
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Intentions + Cake
A/N: I know, it's majorly OOC for Narcissa and Lucius, but still. Go with it.

Ginny didn’t think she’d ever be able to live this down. Lucius looked like he was about to wet himself, his son seemed to have adopted a permanent look of shock, and Narcissa, looked calm.

“So I’m to understand that you jumped out of this cake for my son’s birthday?”

Ginny nodded slowly.

“Yet you didn’t stop to think that his parents would be present?”

Ginny grimaced. Narcissa paused, thinking.

“Miss Weasley, may I ask what your intentions are towards my son?”


“Because I only jumped out of confectionary for my husband once we were married.”

Draco choked.

BOOK Good Omens god quote
Posted by moltobene1925 on 2007.12.02 at 03:10


BOOK Good Omens god quote


Posted by moltobene1925 on 2007.11.28 at 04:35
Yeah, I know, prompts are sporadic at best.


be it the best or the worst

a flower in your hair.
Posted by running_shadow on 2007.11.04 at 20:22
Title: Fancy Seeing You Here
Prompt: Birthday
Rating: G
Word Count: 100 (You might notice I cheated a little by having Ginny string some words together. That is a little thing I like to call artistic license. Ha.)

“Well, fancy seeing you here, Weaslette...”

Posted by wicked_g on 2007.10.16 at 23:33
Mood: tiredtired
Title: Melting
Ginny, Draco
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Birthday
A/N: Eh. Just playing on ideas already created in the Fandom.


“I really don’t think…”


“Stop making that face! You know I can’t resist that face!”

“What face?”

“Merlin, help me…”

“I really don’t see why this is an issue.”

“Gah! Ok, FINE! But when you finish those chocolates in five seconds flat, you better not think I’ll be getting you anything else, Malfoy! What? What’s with the smirk/smile thing you’ve got going on?’

“Oh, nothing. I just know that unlike chocolate, you don’t melt in my mouth, Ms. Ginny Weasley…”

“…or maybe you do?”

“Ow! I did not deserve that slap on my birthday Ginevra!”

BOOK Good Omens god quote


Posted by moltobene1925 on 2007.10.16 at 19:50
Yeah, I know it's been a while. But I have a challenge for ya'll. Today is the co-mod, jessicakmalfoy's birthday so for the rest of this week there's a BIRTHDAY theme!

Come on you DG-ers, let's see it!

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Chosen One, WTF

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2007.08.14 at 17:51
Tags: ,
Title: Chosen Few
Rating: PG13
Pair: D&G
WC: 100
Challenge: Open
A/N: These are a little continuation of my other two drabbles, all inspired by Jann Arden's Insensitive.

Ginny tried to numb her heart, but found that the body bliss had taken over. I should have known.

It was all out in the open now.

His eyes were vague now, his thrusts casual, his touch careless.

She bared all, so baring just a little more couldn’t hurt. I hope. “I fell for you,” she admitted.

“Aren’t you one of the chosen few,” Draco mocked her.

She shook her head, half wishing she could throw him off her. “I found a friend.”

“In me?” he scoffed.

She nodded miserably.

“You were wrong.” He closed his eyes, coming inside her.

Title: WTF
Rating: PG
Pair: D&G
Challenge: Open
WC: 100
A/N: All these have been xposted to ginnyweasley100, draco_and_ginny, and ummm, oh yeah, ginny_obsession.

“If it isn’t the Weaslette.”

Ginny could think of no way to block that voice – a voice she’d know anywhere. “Aren’t we too old for name calling?”

He smirked and she wanted to slap him.

“What do you want?”

“Just to say hello.”

Ginny rolled her eyes. “Don’t. Me and you are ancient history.”

“There never was a me and you,” Draco retorted.

“Maybe you can help me out, Malfoy. Can you give me some advice? Can you teach me how to be such an insensitive prick?”

His lips tightened. “Why don’t we just give us another go?”

Ginny just stared.

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Pretending To/ Insensitive

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2007.08.09 at 08:40
Tags: ,
Title: Pretending To
Pair: Ginny, Draco
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Open
A/N: What happens when I listen to Jann Arden's Insensitive!

It’s just a job, Ginny constantly reminded herself. Harry’s idea, actually. She was so eager to help, when Death Eater Draco Malfoy showed some odd interest in her, Harry suggested she pretend to reciprocate.

The pretending part ended long ago.

That hurt some when she looked inside her jewelry box, seeing her engagement ring. Harry would never suspect her of actually sleeping with Malfoy.

They tangled in his fine sheets, sweat rolling down his spine during their body bliss.

“How’s it going?” Harry would ask during their Order meetings.


She wondered how long she could keep pretending to pretend.

Title: Insensitive
Rating: PG13
Pair: Draco, Ginny
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Open

Pinning her beneathCollapse )

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Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2007.07.24 at 12:45
Mood: relaxedrelaxed
Tags: ,
Title: Chances
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Yes, DH
WC: 100
A/N: Crossposted to ginnyweasley100

heroic boyfriendCollapse )

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Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2007.07.22 at 21:40
Title: Objects
Rating: PG
A/N: Possible Deathly Hallows Spoilers
Crossposted to ginnyweasley100 (it's reopen!!)

the object of his desireCollapse )

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Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2007.07.22 at 19:40
Posting has been reopened.

The new challenge is (of course) anything to do with the book(s) or movie(s).

But, you MUST PUT IT BEHIND A CUT IF IT SPOILS ANYTHING FROM DEATHLY HALLOWS OR THE NEW MOVIE. okay? okay! In your Author's Notes, please let everyone know if your drabble(s) contain spoilers.

This has been crossposted to:

I though we all might need a little room to vent & invent our own endings and whatnot.

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Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2007.06.24 at 11:34
it's that time again, ladies & gentlemen. we are getting close to the release of the FINAL harry potter book, and so all entries will now be approved by the moderators. if you remember, several years ago, many many communities were trolled with copies of the "shocking" page of book 6.

so, feel free to drabble about your predictions for book 7 or you can just drabble about whatever you want to.

have fun!



Posted by elvishly on 2007.06.08 at 23:13
Title: Words
Rating: PG
Characters: Draco, Pansy
Challenge: Mother

Things are left better unsaid.

“I know you, Draco. You wouldn‘t settle for anything less than best.”

His fists uncurl from their position, that would not happen now.

“Your mother agrees with me, you know. Your mother.”

Her opinion was never questionable. The current person who he is speaking to is, however. He studies the hard face.

“I don’t think you should marry her.”

She lies on her deathbed. No, the view is skewed. He will have to de-Pansyfy it to get the real meaning. What his mother really thinks of the deal. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

BOOK Good Omens god quote


Posted by moltobene1925 on 2007.05.13 at 03:37

Come on, like ya'll didn't see this coming?

cross challenged to tomriddle100

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Posted by moltobene1925 on 2007.04.29 at 22:05
Mood: contentcontent
New challenge, and I think it's been done before but I'm starting my re-read tomorrow.

Half Blood Prince

*cross-posted to tomriddle100 liek w0ah*

death peachy keen


Posted by herald_comm on 2007.04.22 at 18:43
Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Title: Maturity
Author: herald_mage
Challenge: Dumbledore's Army
Rating: PG-13

He was jealous, she realized. They had Dumbledore's army, and so he had the Inquisitorial squad.

In the privacy of her bed, she would cry silently for him.

She knew what the creation of Dumbledore's army meant; it meant war – real war with bloodshed and death.

His little squad was simply a petty child's notion.

Sometimes she wondered when she had become so much older than him, pureblood, dark artists extraordinaire. But mostly she just watched him, and knew he would be one of the first to fall – to suffer bloody consequences in the war that hovered on the horizon.

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