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Tattoo/ First Time

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2009.04.14 at 18:38
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Title: Tattoo
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy

"What is that?" Draco demanded, drawing a finger down GInny's bare spine.

"A tattoo."

"Obviously," he scowled. "But why?"

"It's temporary," she giggled, rolling over to face him. "Do you really think I'd get that on my back?"

"I kind of like it. Maybe you should make it permanent." He scooted around her and began to kiss her back.

"Yes," she laughed, squirming gently under his touch. "I'm sure no one will notice a huge tattoo on my lower back!"

Draco didn't respond, but he liked the idea of his name in script on his girlfriend's back. It was sexy.

Title: First Time
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy

Draco chewed on the end of his quill, lost in thought. When he realized what he was doing, he slammed the quill to the table, spit out a few stray feathers and frowned.

Who would have thought signing a birthday card would be so hard?

But this wasn't any birthday card, it was for his girlfriend. Five happy months and then her birthday to confuse him, make him examine his feelings!

He shuddered.

He took a deep breath, let it out, then picked up his quill and dipped it in the ink.

Happy birthday, Ginny. I love you. Love, Draco


dragonsangel68 at 2009-04-15 01:11 (UTC) (Link)
Very cute!
Jessica K Malfoy
jessicakmalfoy at 2009-04-15 03:53 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I've been feeling very full of writing lately! Always happens when I have no computer...
Frolicks About In Summer Skin
wicked_g at 2009-04-15 06:16 (UTC) (Link)
Ack, cuteness!
Jessica K Malfoy
jessicakmalfoy at 2009-04-15 22:39 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks :D
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