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Worth It/ Promises, Promises

Title: Worth It
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley
Rating: PG
Challenge(s): Sneaking Out
Word count: 100
Author's notes: also posted at slytherin100 for their "Late" challenge

Ginny snuck out of the Room of Requirement, 30 minutes later than she had planned.

She crept through the castle, edging her way through the shadows, down to where the Slytherin House was, to where Draco would be impatiently waiting.

Seeing him had always been difficult, but it was even harder now. With Snape as the Headmaster, her every move was watched.

Ginny could see Draco's dark shadow ahead, and she instantly knew she'd risk any punishment for him.

"Did you miss me?" she whispered.

He turned quickly, observing her with narrowed silver eyes.

She loved him, imperfections and all.

Title: Promises, Promises
Character(s): Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley
Rating: PG
Challenge(s): Sneaking Out
Word count: 100
Author's notes: also posted at slytherin100 for their "late" challenge

"You're late," Draco's low voice came out of the dungeon shadows.

"You try sneaking out of the Room of Requirement when about 35 people are living there," Ginny snapped.

He tugged her into the shadows and kissed her. "Im tired of sneaking around. I want to leave school and go where it's just me and you. Where we can be safe."

"Where would that be?"

"Anywhere but here." Draco's voice was so low she could barely hear him.

"We can't leave our families..."

"We could start our own..."

"When the war ends?"

"Or before, if I graduate first."


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when the parents found out

title: When The Parents Found Out
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy
A/N: My first line is very obviously stolen from the Goo Goo Doll's song Slide

"What you feel is what you are," Draco whispered in her ear. "And what you are is beautiful."

Ginny couldn't help the smile that reached her lips. "Thanks, but that's not really how I feel."

"Don't worry about them." His mouth curled into a sneer.

"They're my parents! My Da actually hit a wall! And mum threatened to disown me!"

"But we knew no one would accept us." His voice was uncharacteristically gentle. "All I can give you right now are my words. They're true. I love you."

Even though no one else would, Ginny believed him.
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Tattoo/ First Time

Title: Tattoo
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy

"What is that?" Draco demanded, drawing a finger down GInny's bare spine.

"A tattoo."

"Obviously," he scowled. "But why?"

"It's temporary," she giggled, rolling over to face him. "Do you really think I'd get that on my back?"

"I kind of like it. Maybe you should make it permanent." He scooted around her and began to kiss her back.

"Yes," she laughed, squirming gently under his touch. "I'm sure no one will notice a huge tattoo on my lower back!"

Draco didn't respond, but he liked the idea of his name in script on his girlfriend's back. It was sexy.

Title: First Time
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy

Draco chewed on the end of his quill, lost in thought. When he realized what he was doing, he slammed the quill to the table, spit out a few stray feathers and frowned.

Who would have thought signing a birthday card would be so hard?

But this wasn't any birthday card, it was for his girlfriend. Five happy months and then her birthday to confuse him, make him examine his feelings!

He shuddered.

He took a deep breath, let it out, then picked up his quill and dipped it in the ink.

Happy birthday, Ginny. I love you. Love, Draco


Title: Fuss-Budget
Author: Spoons are for Marmalade Skies
Word count: 100
Characters/pairings: Draco/Ginny, Blaise
Challenge: Cake
Author’s Notes: Because it’s Valentine’s week… I was excited to find this community, it looks like it’s got some solid writing on it! Can’t wait to throw another log on the fire.


Draco usually managed to hide it, but he was an incorrigible fuss-budget. And much as Blaise liked Draco’s girlfriend, she only made things worse.

Ginny had a mind of her own; enough for hours of fretting, of will-she won’t-she and Merlin-save-us-she-did. She also had six brothers. Blaise had a lot of sympathy about this, until Draco missed Valentine’s Day and insisted that for Ginny to forgive him, Blaise had to bake a cake for Ron’s girlfriend, who was missing out on St Patrick’s Day now that Ron was trying to find and kill Draco.

That was when Blaise stopped caring.

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Reformed Slytherins Don't Like Cake (PG, D/G, 100)

Title: Reformed Slytherins Don't Like Cake
Author: herald_mage
Word Count: 100.
Characters/pairings: Draco/Ginny.
Challenge: Cake
Author’s Note: Blaise is driven batty by too much cake; Millicent just wants to eat.

"You know," Blaise remarked to Millicent, "I'm getting awfully tired of wedding cake. I mean, first there was Daphne and that Hufflepuff, then Daph and Theo, then Draco."
"Mnph mrumph," said Millicent.
"And then there was Potter's huge gala," Blaise ranted on, "and Longbottom's, and all those Gryffindor events which we have to attend because we're reformed."
He sneered, "Just because I'm reformed, does not mean I enjoy eating this fluffy white mess."
"I like this fluffy white mess," said Ginny from behind him, "and if you like your skin, you'd better turn around and wish Draco and me well."
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Title: Intended
Rating: PG
Pair: Ginny/ Draco
Challenge: Intentions

At first, all Ginny wanted to do was rebel. To be with someone as different from Harry as possible. What better choice than his enemy?

Then came to attachments. He didn’t want her to go home for the holidays – too dangerous. She didn’t want him to be like his father – too horrible to bear.

When they were discovered, she hadn’t planned on defending him to her family and friends. But when she heard his “Stop talking about my girlfriend before I blast your bits off” she knew she was in love.

It was more than she had bargained for – or intended.


Title: No Title
Ginny, Draco
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Intentions + Cake
A/N: I know, it's majorly OOC for Narcissa and Lucius, but still. Go with it.

Ginny didn’t think she’d ever be able to live this down. Lucius looked like he was about to wet himself, his son seemed to have adopted a permanent look of shock, and Narcissa, looked calm.

“So I’m to understand that you jumped out of this cake for my son’s birthday?”

Ginny nodded slowly.

“Yet you didn’t stop to think that his parents would be present?”

Ginny grimaced. Narcissa paused, thinking.

“Miss Weasley, may I ask what your intentions are towards my son?”


“Because I only jumped out of confectionary for my husband once we were married.”

Draco choked.

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