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disney: cinderella dress

when the parents found out

Posted by jessicakmalfoy on 2009.04.16 at 02:22
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title: When The Parents Found Out
Rating: PG
Challenge: WORDS
Author: Jessica K Malfoy
A/N: My first line is very obviously stolen from the Goo Goo Doll's song Slide

"What you feel is what you are," Draco whispered in her ear. "And what you are is beautiful."

Ginny couldn't help the smile that reached her lips. "Thanks, but that's not really how I feel."

"Don't worry about them." His mouth curled into a sneer.

"They're my parents! My Da actually hit a wall! And mum threatened to disown me!"

"But we knew no one would accept us." His voice was uncharacteristically gentle. "All I can give you right now are my words. They're true. I love you."

Even though no one else would, Ginny believed him.

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